Reel Paper Towels Review: The Ideal Recycled Items For 2023

One of the essential items used every day is paper towels. You get rid of the idea that paper towels can be with cloth towels because it affects the environment.

Do you know? On average, about 27,000 trees are cut down every year to serve needs. Along with protecting nature, we can choose to use recycled products that have little impact on the living environment.

The simplest is to use recycled paper towels, so which is the most appropriate option for users? This article will introduce reel paper towels review, a climate-friendly product trusted by many users. Besides, more carefully are the outstanding features of the product.

Reel Paper Towels review
Reel Paper Towels review


Detailed Reviews Of The Reel Paper Towels

To come up with the criteria well, we who carried out the review tests consulted many sources and gathered feedback from people who have used the product.

Let’s refer to detailed content to know more about the brand!

Recycled Materials

It can be that producing towels with recycled materials is one of the successful first steps in environmental improvement.

Reel tissue does what it promises to collect used waste for 100% recycling, unlike using bamboo to replace virgin wood.

With premium 2-layer texture, Reel Towels is optimally absorbent. The product is an effective solution for cleaning spills and clutter from desks to drawers.

Durability is quite well appreciated by users, with 12 rolls in each packaging box.

Besides, the soft feeling on each sheet is a big plus, and it does not irritate the user. The Reel tissue is a good value for money when it comes to the price.

Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

From cutting down forests to the refining process, the process has produced a considerable amount of carbon footprint in the human environment.

Nowadays, when pollution increases, you have probably at least once heard slogans such as “Reduce, recycle, limit, reuse.”

Perhaps because of that, the need to find substitutes is becoming more and more popular. For example, Reel, the company, received the FSC certificate (supporting responsible management of the world’s forests).

Every roll you buy is synonymous with the protection of global trees, which makes us feel more secure when opening the wipes.


The toughness of the wipes determines a significant part of the user experience.

What if a piece doesn’t hold up against water, I wouldn’t say it’s a bad thing not worth experiencing.

As the name suggests, Reel recycled tissues are committed to being free of chemical ingredients such as ink dyes, perfumes, resins, and virgin powders.

Besides, the paper bleaching process does not depend on chlorine solution. We can consider this a pure natural product, the safest to use even for children.

Product packaging has no plastic components, is easy to decompose or recycle, use 100%, does not cause pipeline blockage.

Made In The USA

Products are in the United States. With at least 80% of the fiber in recycled wipes, the manufacturing process originates from North America when the order quantity is more or less convenient in moving goods.


It can not be that along with the toughness, the use of soft tissue, and the comfort of service are points that attract users looking to Reel.

We don’t subjectively look at them; we have looked at them from many aspects, including reviews from customers. It is a purely natural product that does not use any chemical bleach, so it is safe, even for people with sensitive skin.

The double-layer construction creates the necessary thinness; the good absorbent paper meets users’ basic requirements but easily pleases the most demanding people.


Most people wouldn’t be comfortable wiping their hands with a rough roll of paper. Some products on the market still have tiny particles on the surface, which can easily lead to pre-scratch, irritation, and redness.

The solution given is to replace it with lighter and softer items. Reel paper is a typical example everyone should refer to.

The refining process in manufacturing operations has helped manufacturers bring soft, light, and tough rolls to market. And this is all you need in a pack of wipes or cleaning wipes.

Manufacturer’s Mission

Reel confidently affirmed that they increasingly realize their dreams, bringing practical issues closer to people. You may not know that you are doing a humanitarian deed every time a customer buys a product from them.

Not only protecting forests, but Reel also uses some of its profits to fund sanitation projects in developing countries to prevent disease threats. It will be great when the brand takes the customer’s core to contribute to a world society.

Quick Rundown Of Reel Paper Towels

Every device has its pros and cons. Let’s read the benefits and drawbacks carefully to make the right choice!


Here are the general objective comments about Reel wipes products that we have collected from different customer opinions:

  • High-quality construction materials: It is a product made from 100% used recycled paper, limiting the amount of waste released into the environment and significantly impacts logging activities.
  • Products can be easily decomposed or recycled for easy use.
  • Product materials do not contain harmful chemical components.
  • Minimize carbon emissions to the outside
  • Super absorbent, maximum waterproof
  • Soft towel, limited irritation when using
  • There are 2 apparent sizes for users to use in certain situations.


  • The thickness of Reel tissue is usually thinner than other brands of the same type. It causes some disadvantages while using.




The sections below provide explanations and answers to some of the most frequently asked questions. Please read carefully to get the clearest understanding of this product!

How large are the sheets on these ones?

As we mentioned above, paper products are often produced in many types and sizes to meet customers’ needs. But the most common design is still the average 11-inch x 11 inch paper in a square shape.

Is it compostable?

The answer is yes; Reel Change is environmentally friendly. Its products are made from 100% bamboo or recycled paper, and even the packaging does not contain plastic ingredients.

Therefore, the manufacturer confidently affirms to users the safety and cleanliness of paper towels, which are easy to decompose or recycle.

Is bamboo from the United States?

Recycled paper towels are made from 100% bamboo with the central production place in the United States. The materials are imported directly from the natural bamboo areas protected and regenerated in Southwest China.

Is Reel paper sustainable?

In our opinion, making a durable paper product is extremely important because it equates to many trees that need to be cut down. And fortunately, this product has done this well with optimal water absorption and outstanding durability.


We can assure you of the excellent quality that the Reel paper towels deliver. Many manufacturers are turning to environmentally friendly paper towels.

For several reasons, such as price or popularity, it is still a barrier limiting most people’s access to goods.

All this has been overcome and improved by Reel Change. When we look closely at the company’s products, we find that they all meet and exceed customers’ needs from price to quality.

We hope that you will have a more objective view of natural recycled paper towels through this article.  Thank you for reading!

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