Nootrees Bamboo Toilet Paper Review 2023 (Key Features, Pros & Cons)

Do you know that 27,000 trees are cut down every day to make toilet paper? In reality, you have many other options to help reduce the number of trees down every day by choosing more sustainable, environmentally friendly materials.

Referring to the leading brand in the industry of producing toilet paper with pulp, you will remember Nootrees. What’s new in the products of this brand, especially Nootrees bamboo toilet paper?

This article will give an overview, the advantages and disadvantages of this type of toilet paper to help you make the right choice. Let’s take a closer look at the article below to learn more!

Nootrees bamboo Toilet Paper
Nootrees bamboo Toilet Paper



In-Depth Reviews Of The Nootrees Bamboo Toilet Paper

There are many reasons why you should change your habits from using traditional paper to products made from Nootrees. Not only is it environmentally friendly, but this type of paper also possesses a series of advantages below:


Bamboo is the primary material that makes up this product. Why is the wood pulp of this tree the optimal material, much safer than ordinary wood?

There are many reasons why bamboo is a more sustainable choice. First, this tree grows quite quickly when it can be after 1-2 years instead of up to 30 years like some other trees. Therefore, the exploitation and use will create a less negative impact on the biosphere.

Besides, the user will also reduce deforestation – the cause of up to 20% of total carbon emissions in the atmosphere.

Already quite a few brands are aware of the benefits of this fast-growing plant in the paper industry. However, there are few names like Nootrees, spending more than two decades researching, perfecting, and creating products from the most sustainable materials.

The unique feature in the material that Nootrees brings is its ability to be completely biodegradable, hypoallergenic, safe, and skin-friendly.

Besides, Nootrees is also proud to be one of the few manufacturers that can confidently claim that their products are free of chemicals, dyes, fragrances, and BPA.

Last but not least, Nootrees materials have received FSC certification for sustainability.

That said, it also means that no forest is to make room for bamboo, and the process of treating this material does not use environmental toxins such as chlorine.

Not only stopping there, but even plastic packaging is also for its environmentally friendly advantages.


Nootrees toilet paper consists of three layers. However, you should be aware that the outer layer can be too flat.

Besides, some users may have higher requirements in layer thickness.


In terms of toughness, toilet paper in general, Nootrees in particular, is as durable as traditional products. Even this representative from Singapore gives more excellent durability.

You won’t have to worry about it decomposing. The manufacturer was brilliant when designing this product with three layers; each layer is a bit thinner than the traditional design.

This change can be a downside for some. However, undeniably, thinner means that Nootrees can decompose faster.

When combined with the short fiber structure, all of the above changes, Nootrees confidently can completely decompose in water without clogging your pipes.


If you are someone with sensitive skin, you will fall in love with NooTrees from the first use. Because this product is one of the most comfortable and safe options, you can find today.

The above assertion is thoroughly grounded because the manufacturer does not use any PA, dyes, or chemicals during the processing process.

The primary material of the product – bamboo – soon became famous for its antibacterial, antimicrobial, and safe health properties.

By choosing a product like Nootrees, you can completely count on the waterproof, antibacterial, and anti-odor ability this unique wood brings.

At the same time, you can also be safe in sensitive skin areas. Even for children, you can even use this highly antibacterial, safe, and gentle toilet paper.


Many consumers today are still hesitant to choose bamboo products because of a misconception: bamboo is complex and not suitable for making toilet paper.

It is true that the wood of this particular tree is not a soft material. However, through the processing process, this Singaporean representative can confidently bring a product as soft as velvet, ideal for use on all skin areas.

It is incredibly soft and highly absorbent. Compared with ordinary wood pulp, the bamboo powder absorbs 20% better.

Products made from this unique material can possess a wide range of advantages over any ordinary leaf and have outstanding softness and absorbency.

Quick Rundown Of Nootrees Bamboo Toilet Paper

Having considered a series of issues related to toughness, softness, and comfort, you may want to consult a quick review of the pros and cons of this leaf:


  • 100% pure bamboo powder, no chemicals, dyes, fragrances. Environmental friendliness.
  • The price is comparable to traditional paper models.
  • Packaging core can be readily biodegradable or recycled.
  • Softer and more challenging than most competitors.
  • Super-absorbent.
  • Children can use Non-irritating.


  • It consists of three layers. However, each layer is slightly thinner than the traditional option.



Paper made from bamboo in general, and nootrees in particular, is a topic with much information. The frequently asked questions below will help you get more detailed information.

Does it contain Formaldehyde?

No. All Nootrees products are free of fragrance chemicals, including Formaldehyde.

Is it chlorine-free?

The manufacturer does not use chlorine for bleaching. Instead, the company uses oxygen, ozone, or hydrogen peroxide.

Is bamboo toilet paper harmful?

This toilet leaf definitely won’t hurt you. Because bamboo, although not a soft material, after undergoing treatment, you will be satisfied with its softness, comfort, and toughness – all the advantages you are always looking for.

Does bamboo toilet paper break down?

In terms of degradability, paper made from bamboo gives much better results than traditional products. Compared to recycled paper, bamboo can still decompose quickly and naturally quite well.

Does this contain lotion?

The manufacturer has said that it has lotion in the fabric. This integration is entirely meaningful if you are a fan of lotion.

This active ingredient will make the product softer and more pleasant to use. Of course, this integration also raises the price significantly.


Nowadays, despite harming the ecosystem, many people still use traditional toilet paper instead of environmentally sustainable options. The reason may lie in the user experience or the price.

Some products focus too much on the material for the environment but are not comfortable and soft. In contrast, due to the use of the product’s unique processing technology, the cost is significantly higher.

Nootrees Bamboo toilet paper review has successfully overcome the above disadvantages. This representative from Singapore owns all the advantages of daily use toilet paper: soft, comfortable, rugged, biodegradable. The product is also quite affordable, competing directly with many traditional options.

With the same price and experience, even better, besides being eco-friendly and a sustainable solution, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t choose Nootrees Bamboo. Thank you for reading!

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