Cozy House Bamboo Pillows Reviews: Key Features & Comparison

Health experts believe that choosing suitable types of pillows can significantly reduce back and neck pain, thus improving your overall posture while sleeping. Furthermore, resting your head on a high-quality pillow means you are more likely to get a good night’s sleep and less prone to built-up pressure.

If these are the benefits you wish to reap from your bedding products, then let’s have a look at the Cozy House bamboo pillows reviews!

Cozy House Bamboo Pillows Highlights

Cozy House Bamboo Pillows
Cozy House Bamboo Pillows
  • FULLY ADJUSTABLE TO YOUR LIKING – With our Adjustable Luxury Bamboo Memory Foam Pillow you will always be able to make sure your pillow is “just right”. Whether you’re looking for pillows for side sleepers, stomach or back sleepers this pillow can be adjusted by adding or removing to the memory foam inside the pillow.
  • QUALITY MEMORY FOAM THAT’S SAFE – Our Luxury Bamboo Pillow is CertiPur Certified – meaning it’s safe and made without harmful chemicals, ozone depleters, mercury, lead, formaldehyde, phthalates and other harmful toxins
  • STAYS COOL ALL NIGHT – Our carefully crafted Hypoallergenic Bamboo Pillow Cover is breathable and silky soft. It wicks moisture away moisture to stay cool and dry throughout the night while helping regulate body temperature
  • SATISFACTION GUARANTEED – We answer all customer concerns within 24 hours so you can shop with confidence! Sleep well on your purchases for years to come with our Lifetime Satisfaction Guarantee!


Key Features Of Cozy House Bamboo Pillows


When using Cozy House bamboo pillows, feel free to customize their firmness based on your likings. All you have to do is to unzip the pillowcase, then remove or add on more memory foam to achieve your desired shape. Even better, these pillows can easily support different parts of your body, whether it is your neck and back, or your side and stomach, so that you can truly feel relaxed in bed.



The memory foam inside is certified as CertiPur, which means it is totally toxin-free. Now that you have no more worries about laying on a potentially harmful item that might bring lead, mercury, phthalate, or ozone depleters into the respiratory system, you can let smaller kids or even infants sleep near this beautifully crafted pillow.

Furthermore, the cover of this pillow is made of bamboo derived-rayon, a synthetic fabric that is well-ventilated and super smooth. Not only is it thermal-regulating, but it is also moisture-absorbent. When combined, these features allow a dry and comfortable sleep that can satisfy everyone.



Cozy House bamboo pillows are available in two standard sizes: king and queen.

The Cosy House Luxury Bamboo Pillow allows you to take control of your sleep with adjustable firmness. Simply unzip our ultra soft bamboo casing, unzip the pillow, and add OR remove foam to your liking. A “Cosy” pillow for all!


Premium Non-Toxic Fill

Our pillows are filled with Certi-PUR US certified non-toxic cross-cut foam that delivers comfort without sacrificing support or losing shape. Your family’s health and comfort are our top priority.

Naturally Cooling

Our bamboo pillows are naturally cooling, adapting to your body’s temperature as you sleep. It wicks away moisture, allowing for a cool, comfortable, better nights sleep.

Plush Bamboo Fabric

Cosy House Luxury Bamboo Pillows are made from the highest quality bamboo, making our pillows hypoallergenic and antibacterial. You’ll never suffer from allergies with this pillow.

Warranty policies

Within 24 hours of your delivery, Cozy House provides unlimited assistance should you have any issue with the product. Every purchase is entitled to a lifetime satisfaction guarantee, so your online shopping cannot go wrong!

Cozy House Bamboo Pillow Reviews – Pros & Cons


  • Cozy House bamboo pillows are made from premium quality memory foam, which can lean in the body curves and offer a consistent surface for all body parts.
  • Cozy House memory foam is Certi-PUR US certified, meaning there have been no toxic substances or poisonous chemicals involved in the manufacturing process.
  • Cozy House bamboo pillow covers make use of bamboo textiles, which feel velvety upon contact. What’s more, bamboo derived-rayon is also antibacterial and hypoallergenic, making it a perfect choice for sleepers with hypersensitive skin.
  • Cozy House bamboo pillows are capable of thermal-regulating, as they can sync with your body temperature and keep the ideal atmosphere on the bed.
  • Cozy House bamboo pillows wick away humidity to ensure no wetness can interfere with the quality of your sleep.


  • Cozy House bamboo pillows are slightly expensive.
  • Cozy House bamboo pillows require personal customization to get the wanted firmness.


Cozy House Bamboo Pillows Vs. Other Brands

GOHOME Pillows Queen Size Set

If you are looking for a more affordable set of pillows, then GOHOME should be on the list. This product stands out with its velvet cover that provides the smoothest support for your back and neck while still managing to be firm with a three-layered thickness design.

Even better, you can just toss them into the washing machine and let it do the cleaning job, as GOHOME pillows only require low maintenance for their superior performance.

Zen Bamboo Pillows For Sleeping

Lush and soft are the two words that first spring to mind when describing the pillows from Zen Bamboo. The cover of each pillow is made entirely from bamboo viscose, a breathable fabric that leaves room for ventilation and quickly absorbs moisture for a cool night’s sleep. That is not to mention the gel memory foam stuffed inside, adding the extra elasticity so you can adjust it whenever you want.

ik Bamboo Pillow (2 Pack)

Another option that deserves your attention is the bamboo pillows from ik. Promised to gently massage your neck muscles and release the built-up pressure from your back, ik bamboo pillows use shredded memory foam to align your upper body. And even under extreme usage, these pillows are not to lose their shape!

DreamyBlue Premium Pillow For Sleeping

DreamyBlue is famous for its innovative design with a shredded memory foam blend that combines firmness and softness into one single product. Now, you can comfortably place your head on this item, knowing it can offer you a luscious, uninterrupted sleep. DreamyBlue also goes so far as to attach an extra bag of fill in case you want to swap the stuffing. How economical, right?


1. Do Cozy House pillows have the smell of polyurethane filling?

No. Cozy House is stuffed with memory foam that has been through extensive treatment for the utmost condition. Therefore, they have no residue odor that might cause you any discomfort.

2. Does the pillow need a pillowcase or can you sleep directly on the bamboo cover?

It is entirely up to you. While it is perfectly okay to sleep on the bamboo cover, you might end up having to wash it much more regularly with your hands. Using a pillowcase is more favorable as they are machine-washable.

3. Does the pillow come with extra filling?

No, you would have to buy more memory foam if you want to.

4. Is the foam messy when removed from the bamboo cover?

Yes. Since all the foam is in tiny pieces, make sure you put all of them in a bag and zip it up.

5. How are they compared to Cozy House?

At first look, the four pillow brands all have the edge over Cozy House regarding price. While certain products like DreamyBlue or Zen Bamboo are somehow comparable with Cozy House in their quality and materials, we still highly recommend Cozy House should you want a premium and highly durable addition to your bedding.


Having a heavenly sleep is no longer a challenge once you have read through our Cozy House bamboo pillows reviews. Now, it is time to order one for yourself and enjoy the comfort it brings along!

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