Seventh Generation Paper Towels Review: Is It Safe & Versatile As You Expected?

The seventh-generation tissue is a product made from 100% recycled paper.

Unlike traditional towels, 7th generation tissues whiten naturally, without the use of any harmful bleaching chemicals. This feature has a significant meaning to contribute to protecting consumer health.

This article will deeply analyze and evaluate the aspects above about Seventh Generation paper towels. Hopefully, you can understand more about the product and make an accurate decision soon.

The Seventh Generation Paper Towels Reviews

Seventh Generation Paper Towels
Seventh Generation Paper Towels



Paper towels are a must-have consumer product in your household. To ensure health, you should choose a tissue with safe materials that perfectly adapt to your skin. The Seventh Generation Towers is the ideal suggestion.

So why is the product so popular? Check out the review below!

Recycled Materials

Seventh Generation Towels is an exclusive product made from 100% recycled ones. This type of material allows friendliness to the living environment and helps ensure consumers’ health.

Compared to tissues made from other materials, Seventh Generation stands out. With this unique material, you can enjoy using them with many different activities without worrying about anything.

At the same time, it also makes your skin safer. Due to being wholly produced with pure ingredients, this 7th generation tissue is guaranteed not to cause any irritation to your skin.

Even if it is sensitive skin, you can use it with confidence. And it is also the perfect advantage in the product to help attract the attention of a large number of customers today.


We are proud to affirm that it is perfect for your use requirements by assessing the safety of towels. To have an accurate final judgment, we have conducted countless different surveys and surveys about this feature of the product.

Surprisingly, more than 85% of customers participating in the survey feel satisfied with the ability to protect paper’s health.

This tissue is produced by modern technology without using bleach or chemical chemicals to create a fragrance. All of them are natural for your absolute safety.


Diving into the core values ​​of the product, we pride ourselves on the friendliness of the product to the user and the surrounding environment.

Its user-friendliness is evident in its service and ability to satisfy your consumer requirements. It can bring a sense of security, lightness, and a mild fragrance to your application surface.

Meanwhile, given the surrounding environment, this tissue is also significant to ensure a healthy living space.


Wouldn’t it be wrong to use towels with rough surfaces every day? It can cause your skin to burn or even die from unwanted infections. Above all, you need a paper sample with a soft, gentle surface to ensure your skin is well taken care of.

Ideal for this category, the Seventh Generation Towers cannot be ignored. This product has a soft surface with specialized layers, making the user feel the most comfortable.

On the other hand, this model also offers impressive absorbency. It can help you wipe off water on many different surfaces. Or even if you put them in contact with your skin, it works great.


It is soft, but this tissue also gives you an incredible feeling when using it. On contact with the skin, you will feel a gentle coolness from the quality surface of the paper. This feature contributes to creating a perfect and realistic experience for your usage requirements.

Compared with ordinary models, the 7th generation tissue is more outstanding. Materials, safety, softness, or price are ideal to meet your consumer needs. Therefore, there is no reason for you to refuse this product.


The cost to own this tissue model is perfect. Its current price point is pocket-friendly for most consumers today, including a pack of 8 rolls neatly arranged and luxurious. Therefore, Seventh Generation is the ideal investment that you should not ignore.

Pros & Cons

Each product has its pros and cons. And of course, with Seventh Generation, it is no exception. Below are the most objective assessments of the product’s strengths and weaknesses.


In terms of advantages, it includes the following aspects:

  • Absorbency: The absorbent feature of paper towels is classified as unique, allowing a comprehensive response to the user’s requirements.
  • Soft: Paper towels manufactured with modern models, designed with layers of a smooth one. This feature contributes to a perfect user experience.
  • Do not bleach: This tissue has a natural whiteness; no chemicals are available to color or create odors. Therefore, it is completely friendly to your health.
  • Savings: Seventh Generation guarantees 15% cost savings for users.
  • Reasonable price: The product’s current price is excellent, and you should choose it.


  • It is impossible not to mention the disadvantages related to product size. We think that such a scroll size is too large to manipulate.



You can also find the information you’re looking for through some of the frequently asked questions below. Please rest assured to refer because all of them are from the customer feedback who have used the product.

Is each towel half size?

The product’s size is optimized and simple to help users save on related costs. On average, each month, you will be able to save a few dollars if you decide to choose the 7th generation tissue.

Are these made without wet strength resins (WSR)?

They are made from 10% recycled ones with impressive absorbency and stretch properties. It can help you quickly absorb water on the desired surface and not tear or soften the paper.

Meanwhile, with its exclusive toughness, it also ensures to give you the most enjoyable and safe use. At least, when using it, your skin will be safe.

Can I handle food with this paper?

It’s a good idea for food handling capabilities. However, be careful how you use it. Because if you do it the wrong way, the quality of your food will not be guaranteed and directly harm your health.

If you do not know how to do it precisely, you can entirely refer to the blog post shared on today’s social networking forums.

Are 7th generation tissues safe?

Yes! It is safe and guaranteed for your health. It is an ideal, versatile product that you should not miss.

In addition to its softness, suppleness, or absorbency, it is also typical with excellent sensitive skin compatibility. This feature is exclusive and difficult to compete with.


The review information about the Seventh Generation paper towels review above will hopefully help you better understand the product’s characteristics and make a final decision for your consumer requirements.

This tissue is a perfect product, and you need to take care of it. All the advantages it offers are practical for your valuable and meaningful life.

Please refer to the information, and do not forget to leave us feedback!

Thank you for reading!

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