Does Bamboo Toilet Paper Block Drain? The Ultimate Answer!

Due to countless trees cut down to create tissue paper and other items, daily lavatory paper usage harms the environment.

Bamboo toilet paper is different from the conventional type because its main component is bamboo rather than wood chips.

This product is more outstanding than standard categories. That’s why it wins a place in many consumers’ hearts.

Does bamboo toilet paper block drain? The short answer is no! If you are curious about the explanation, scroll down this article to learn more!

Why Should You Use Bamboo Toilet Paper?

As mentioned above, this product is much more outstanding and popular than other regular types. That’s because it provides many advantages.

It Is Great For The Skin.

Bamboo is antibacterial, antifungal, and hypoallergenic by nature. Even people with sensitive skin can use it.

It makes you healthy by naturally protecting your skin, which is ideal for battling seasonal illnesses.

Bamboo is a much softer material than cotton. That’s why its paper is superior to wood or recycled type.

It Lessens Deforestation.

Bamboo is a great plant that can grow approximately 3 feet daily.

It requires harvesting to survive, provides more oxygen, and collects more carbon than other trees.

Therefore, it is an excellent substitute for conventional tree-based toilet tissue, reducing the waste of many natural resources and deforestation.

It Uses Fewer Chemicals.

This product is entirely natural, without bleaching and other dangerous chemicals like BPA, de-inking agents, or other toxins.

When you use this product, you’re reducing your environmental effect and the impact on the environment of a large business.

If you want to refer to more reviews between this product and conventional ones, you can watch this video:

Benefits of this product
Benefits of this product

Does Bamboo Toilet Paper Block Drain?

The good news is no! The toilet tissue doesn’t cause drains to block, while some heavy-duty and ultra-thick conventional types do.

While all toilet tissue is theoretically biodegradable, some can need a week to dissolve in water and clog your pipes.

The bamboo strands are positively water-soluble and quickly break apart, allowing water to travel through them without difficulty.

Because this product is more durable, it takes fewer tissues for cleaning.

It won’t cause a clogging drain problem if you use it with a moderate amount. Here are in-depth explanations to consider:

It Is Soft.

Although bamboo is one of the most potent plants in nature, the toilet tissue made from this plant is exceptionally soft.

Thanks to the manufacturing method, this product is better at absorbing water and dissolving it when flushed.

Its fibers get broken down during the fermentation process. The procedure guarantees that the outcome is sturdy but soft, flushable lavatory paper.

It Is Completely Biodegradable.

This product is produced entirely of natural materials. It is free of any additions or toxins that could compromise its biodegradability.

As a result, it is compostable. It also acts as a safe substitute for traditional sports in the drain.

It Absorbs Water Easily.

When discarded in the drainpipe, this toilet paper dissolves in water quickly.

The water pressure created by flushing the bowl aids in the natural dissolution of the fragile strands.

It won't cause a clogging drain.
It won’t cause a clogging drain.

Is Toilet Paper Made Of Bamboo Eco-Friendly?

Due to bamboo’s greater sustainability, it is typically more eco-friendly than regular toilet tissue.

Natural Resources Defense Council emphasized the reasons why this lavatory tissue is environmentally friendly, including:

  • It aids in soil recovery.
  • The manufacturing process emits 30% fewer greenhouse gasses.
  • Cultivating this plant doesn’t require pesticides.
  • This tree absorbs five times more Carbon dioxide than other trees.

However, not all toilet tissue made of bamboo is environmentally friendly. It’s best to select FSC certified sorts as these have a low environmental impact.

Another aspect to consider is the bleaching procedure. Most lavatory papers get whitened to have white color.

Bamboo toilet tissue gains ECF certification on its package. Some types still use chlorine in manufacturing.

That’s why it’s best to pick products from reputable brands like Cloud Paper or Reel. They meet all your requirements and needs.

It is eco-friendly.
It is eco-friendly.

Is Toilet Paper Made Of Bamboo Septic Safe?

When this product comes into contact with the fungi and bacteria in the septic bowl, it dissolves quickly. It sinks to the tank’s bottom and turns into sludge.

There are no additives in this product. As a result, it degrades more quickly than other varieties. It is ideal for campers and RVs.

You should be applying a septic bowl treatment regularly anyhow to assist break down things by adding additional good bacteria.

It is septic safe.
It is septic safe.

Wrapping Up

This article has eventually given an in-depth explanation for your question: Does bamboo toilet paper block drains? Again, it causes no clogging drain if you use a reasonable amount.

In a nutshell, this product comes with a wide range of benefits. It is safe for sensitive skin. It also lessens deforestation.

That’s why you should substitute it for the traditional kind. If you have further concerns, don’t hesitate to comment below. Thanks for reading!

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