PURE BAMBOO Sheets Review: Still The Ideal Option For GreenHouse

When people become health-conscious, we tend to lean toward using products of natural origin because of the safety of such items.

Scientists have demonstrated the friendliness of many objects, such as cosmetics, dietary supplements, kitchen utensils, and even fabrics.

Many homemakers do not regret spending a large amount of money with the desire to find suitable products for family health. In particular, the bedsheet is the thing we come into contact with every day.

Pure Bamboo Sheets are proud to be a cotton fabric with pure natural organic materials, and it is always at the top in both online and in-store purchases.

So the question arises here: What makes Pure Bamboo different from other brands of the same type? The following article will explain this issue in detail.

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PURE BAMBOO Sheets review
PURE BAMBOO Sheets review


In-depth Reviews Of The PURE BAMBOO Sheets

From actual experience, we have objectively evaluated PURE BAMBOO sheets through the sections below. In addition, we have also synthesized opinions from many different customer feedbacks.

Recycled Materials

When it comes to “bamboo fabric,” this definition is relatively new to many people. Bamboo is a pure natural plant that grows a lot in Asia, and the surprising thing is that the weaving village has existed for thousands of years and originated in East Asia.

Developing from the idea of ​​​​combining bamboo and wool to create a fabric, in 2000, when China experimented on modern fabric, it gradually became more popular than ever.

The fabrics are perfect for human health; when it comes to benefits, they include the following factors.

  • Bamboo is an easy plant to grow and grow without using pesticides or chemical fertilizers, thereby minimizing harmful substances in the trunk.
  • How to use fabrics will help you maintain a healthy environment.
  • It is safe for all skin types, even the most sensitive skin.
  • The bamboo sheets that cover the bed also have anti-dust and anti-mite functions to reduce respiratory diseases.
  • Good temperature regulation in the seasons creates the most comfortable feeling for users.

We confidently affirm to our users that fabric is the best fabric for the human body because of its outstanding performance and the aesthetics of the opposite person. Fortunately, Pure Bamboo fully meets the set criteria.

Products with primary materials from 100% organic materials achieve the OEKO-TEX standard test certificate saying no to more than 100 harmful substances, ensuring absolute safety for users.


The points throughout the inside of the pillowcase and the sheet are all pointed with a pointed tip.

All of this increases the product’s durability, ensuring it is safe to use for the next few years.

The deep pockets are designed with multi-way stretch to fit all bed sizes, including 16 inches.

Besides, the warranty is also a big plus with a lifetime warranty commitment for defective products in terms of materials and artistry.

Hypoallergenic technology

Finding a bed sheet is significant for young children or people easily irritated by weather changes or using unsafe products.

We spend 6-8 hours a day sleeping, which means that almost half of the day is on bed sheets. So, when deciding to buy something, you should refer to products of natural origin, and the above explanation is safe, with fewer chemicals.

Pure Bamboo is made from more than 300 pure viscose fibers with the highest quality in the material market. It is one of the safest products; the soft silk fibers create a comfortable and unique feeling.


There are two special things in bed sheet products that not all brands can do. The first is the temperature control sensor. Depending on the weather, the temperature adjustment also changes frequently. For example, users will clearly feel the cool and breathable feeling when touching the bamboo fabric in the summertime.

Contrary to the above, warm temperatures will also occur in winter. The second is the moisture-wicking feature, which is especially suitable for people with sensitive skin.


The number of 300 strands of bamboo fabric is the perfect number to help a bamboo fabric reach a certain perfection.

Many users rate the system directly on its sales page for its delicate features and comfort. Pure Bamboo has succeeded in creating a quality product for users.

Manufacturer’s Mission

With efforts over the years, Pure Bamboo is becoming more and more successful in the position of a furniture manufacturer.

With the business aspect of producing pure natural products, it can be that Pure Bamboo not only brings health to users but also plays a significant part in protecting the environment.

Pros & Cons Of The PURE BAMBOO Sheets

Here is a summary of the pros and cons for you to quickly grasp the information


  • Natural materials from bamboo: Limit risks when using products and bring users a sense of security.
  • Breathable, good moisture absorption
  • The automatic temperature adjustment mechanism brings a pleasant feeling to the user
  • Optimal warranty
  • Full accessories
  • Closed seams increase durability.


  • Wrinkles appear when washing



1. How deep are the pockets?

We mentioned the problem of deep pockets early. When talking about accessories, we see the overall of Pure Bamboo, including two pillowcases, one flat sheet, and one fitted sheet.

The wall of the pillowcase is equipped with an additional envelope to keep the pillow in place all night long; the stitches around it are solid.

The position of the deep pocket is also diverse, and the elastic quality is excellent. Bed sheets are suitable for many different sizes, and even the cover size can be up to 16 inches.

2. Where are these made?

Companies select bamboo materials from naturally growing bamboo forests, then woven by experts from 100% organic viscose without any impurities. It has been through the OEKO-TEX test certificate.

In addition, the tests for flammability and heavy metals are to give the most accurate results on bamboo fabric.

3. Do these feel like microfiber to anyone?

We will see their smoothness and firmness to the touch when we feel them. Having a cloth-like this on hand will make you enjoy using it.


It may be pretty new to those new to Pure Bamboo sheets, but put in the mind of a customer who has experienced the product, it is easy to confirm that Pure Bamboo is worth the money you spent on its use.

We hope that the characteristics information that we provide above will help you make an appropriate choice. If you have any questions, please leave a comment; we will answer your questions as soon as possible.

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