Luxome Bamboo Sheets Review: Key Features & Comparison

According to scientists, there are multiple factors contributing to a good night’s sleep. These include your state of mind, your diet, the temperature and lighting conditions of where you spend the night, and most important but frequently overlooked – the bed sheets’ quality.

If you are looking for a solution to improve your rest time, let’s have a look at the Luxome bamboo sheets review and understand why it is the most highly recommended bedding product in 2021.

Luxome Bamboo Sheets Highlights

Luxome Bamboo Sheets
Luxome Bamboo Sheets


  • HIGHEST THREAD COUNT: Our sheets are 400 thread count, the highest thread count of any bamboo sheets currently available. So soft, they feel more luxurious than 1,000 thread count cotton!
  • EXCEPTIONAL CRAFTSMANSHIP: With a luxurious Sateen weave, 17 inch ultra-deep pockets to fit any mattress, and pillowcases with envelope closures, we left no stone unturned to create the most luxurious sheets possible.
  • COOLING & BREATHABLE: Our bamboo viscose sheets are naturally cooling, thermal-regulating, and breathable to provide extraordinary comfort, every time.
  • USA COMPANY & SATISFACTION GUARANTEE: We are a midwestern company that LOVES our customers and pride ourselves on values, quality, and service. Try our sheets for up to 30 days and if you aren’t satisfied for any reason we’ll provide fast, friendly service and a full refund.


Key Features Of Luxome Bamboo Bed Sheets


At first glance, Luxome has managed to impress its potential customers with a wide range of options to choose from. As far as the colors are concerned, the bamboo sheets come in nine different shades, from classic white and ivory to darker hues like sapphire or charcoal. This allows you to pick out something that suits the overall tone of your bedroom, thus creating a consistent, visually pleasant palette.

Furthermore, Luxome sheets are available in all standard sizes. Regardless of whether you have a twin or king-size bed, Luxome sheets can still fit in nicely.


Guaranteed to be made from 100% bamboo viscose, Luxome bamboo sheets pride themselves on the high-quality fabric that provides a slick, soft sensation on the body upon contact. The 400 thread count – the highest thread count any bamboo sheets can hold – increases the feeling of smoothness while being sturdy and not tearable at all.

Coupled with the features mentioned above is the Sateen weave, which ensures an unwrinkled surface that shines slightly for the most luxurious bedding experience.

Key Features Of Luxome Bamboo Bed Sheets
Key Features Of Luxome Bamboo Bed Sheets


As bamboo viscose is famous for its thermal-regulating capability, the Luxome bamboo sheets can quickly adjust to your body temperature and cool down the surrounding atmosphere.

This unique characteristic offers you relaxation the moment you slip onto your bed and promises to ease the burden off your mind, so you can truly feel cozy and enjoyable in your personal space. That is not to mention the textile is well-ventilated from the inside, keeping the entire cover breathable and weightless on your skin.

Environmentally friendliness

Unlike synthetic materials, which release tons of exhaust and sewage in the factory to be made, Luxome cares about the impact of their products on the ecosystem.

Therefore, their bamboo sheets are made from organically grown bamboo with a minimal amount of water needed and virtually no pesticides required. While the bedding is not zero-waste, it still minimizes the chemicals thrown into the environment.

Luxome Bamboo Bed Sheets
Luxome Bamboo Bed Sheets

Luxome Bamboo Sheets – Pros And Cons


  • Luxome bamboo sheets are subject to a one-month satisfaction warranty. If customers cannot bring themselves around the product, they can return the sheets and expect a full return.
  • Luxome bamboo sheets are made from pure bamboo viscose with a 400 thread count. The fabric gives off a velvety feeling that is soft against the skin and provides the ultimate pleasure.
  • Luxome bamboo sheets are thermal-regulating, which means they cannot be either too hot or too cold, but always at the right temperature.
  • Luxome bamboo sheets come with a carrying bag that carefully wraps the product inside, making it highly portable and a perfect gift idea.
  • Luxome bamboo sheets are machine-washable, so you need not grind them manually in the bathroom. Still, remember to put the sheets in a washing mesh bag so they can stay intact.


  • In reality, the color of the sheets can be slightly different from the photos.
  • If washed too regularly, Luxome bamboo sheets can shrink in size and might no longer be compatible with the mattress.


Luxome Bamboo Sheets Vs. Other Brands – A Comparison

Cariloha Classic Bamboo 4-Piece Bed Sheet Set

Cariloha sheets are twill-woven from 100% organic bamboo viscose with 230TC, which offers a touch of freshness into your bedroom. Furthermore, Cariloha is certified as OEKO-TEX with no harmful chemicals during the manufacturing process, making it highly suitable for people with hyper-sensitive bodies.

SONORO KATE Bed Sheet Set Bamboo Sheets

Lush and luxurious are the two words that come to mind when describing the bamboo bed sheets from Sonoro Kate. The combination of bamboo viscose and microfiber creates a stretchy and lightweight cover that stays snug on your mattress, as long as they are not deeper than 16’’.

Bedsure 100% Bamboo Sheets Set

Bedsure adds to your home comfort with the breathable set of bamboo sheets that is both smooth in feeling and sturdy in quality. The gripping all-around elastic band ensures the sheets are held in place and provides you with the utmost satisfaction.

PURE BAMBOO Sheets Queen Size Bed Sheets 4 Piece Set

Made from organic bamboo with a 300 thread count, Pure Bamboo bed sheets promise to be pill-resistant and highly durable. At the same time, their elegant design and colors soften the bedroom and provide a sense of rustic aesthetic.

How are they compared to Luxome bamboo sheets?

Despite the features of these four products, there is no bedsheet with a higher thread count than Luxome bamboo or comes with a similar impressive guarantee policy.


1. Is it possible to buy the king set but get regular-size pillows?

No. In each set, all the items are in the same size, and they are not sold separately.

2. Which is better, Jersey-knit sheets or bamboo sheets?

Bamboo sheets are the best choice if you are aiming for the highest quality. Not only are they soft and silky to touch, but they are also built to last and can be used for several years. That is not to mention most bamboo sheets do not stain or become worn out by machine washing.

3. Are Luxome bamboo sheets OEKO-TEX certified?

Yes, these sheets are up to the standards.

4. Do Luxome bamboo sheets have elastic bands?

Yes, all the sheets are attached with an all-around elastic band.


Now that you have read through the Luxome bamboo sheets review, it is time to decide whether you should get one. Make sure to check out what options are available and choose something that suits your tastes!

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