Watering Bamboo: Useful Information You Have To Know

Bamboo is supposed to be a plant that doesn’t require much care to thrive, which is true if used as a barrier around your home. However, if you want your bamboo to look beautiful and develop healthily, don’t ignore the watering bamboo stage since the way you water your plant will significantly impact its appearance.

Many newbie planters are unsure what could go wrong if they don’t water it properly, and somehow end up ruining their beautiful bamboo. To avoid such consequences, let’s scroll down our article to resolve the problems!

Bamboo stands thrive
Bamboo stands thrive – image by pixabay.com

How Often Should Bamboo Be Watered?

The degree of watering the bamboo depends on many factors. Let’s keep an eye out to find out what it is!

Cold And Hot Weather

Regardless of the season and weather, you must keep the soil moist at all times. Generally, bamboo trees need watering 3-4 times a week in the summertime. Still, when the winter comes, you should only water it once within seven to ten days.

You can check your soil whether it’s humid enough or not by pressing your finger deep down in the ground to feel. Go for it!

Sandy, Clay Soil, And Loamy Soil

The quantity of water your bamboo needs also depends on soil types.

Compared to clay soil, sandy soil has a smaller water reserve, so bamboo grown in sandy soil will require more watering.

Although most bamboo variants prefer loam soil that is well-draining, others best fit in clay. These bamboo can mostly withstand the wet conditions of clay soil.

Does Bamboo Need Lots Of Water?

Yes. Bamboo plants sure love to get sufficient water to develop, but the roots must not be flooded. If your soil always gets drenched with water, it will prevent the roots from absorbing enough oxygen, eventually affecting the plant’s growth.

A piece of good news for you – overwatering will not be an issue if you plant bamboo in any well-drained soil. That way, you won’t have to worry too much about your bamboo getting waterlogged.

Do you think bamboo needs a great amount of water to survive?
Do you think bamboo needs a great amount of water to survive?

Watering Bamboo In Pots

Maybe this is the part you’ve been waiting for! Here are our recommendations for watering container-grown bamboo. Keep reading for more information!

Nature bamboo grass green in a pot
Nature bamboo grass green in a pot – image by maxpixel.net

It is undeniable that bamboo in pots appears more appealing than bamboo growing on the ground, implying that container bamboos require extra care.

Container-grown bamboo trees hold less moisture and require more water than bamboo planted in the ground. It’s because they have a smaller amount of soil and tend to dry out quickly.

The best way to avoid this problem is to water bamboo plants in pots once a week in normal weather. As summer arrives, we should water 4 to 5 times a week.

Plus, your bamboo plants go into a relative dormancy throughout the wintertime, which means it doesn’t require nearly as much water. Nevertheless, don’t forget to check the soil moisture daily to water your bamboo properly!

Aside from proper watering methods, you must also consider how to choose the perfect pots and soil for your bamboo as follows:

Pot Choices – It’s important to choose a pot with sufficient holes at the bottom for drainage. If the pot has one 1-inch hole, it’s usually good enough. In some cases, you can drill 1-2 more holes to provide enough drainage for bamboo plants.

Consider using a piece of cloth to spread out the bottom of the pot, which can help prevent the holes from being stuck with roots or soils.

Potting Soil – When picking potting soil, try high-quality soil types like loamy soils because they assist bamboo to retain water better than others. That way, you won’t need to worry about how much water bamboo needs during the watering process.

How Much Water Is Too Much For Bamboo?

Calculating how much water bamboo plants require is tough. Under normal circumstances, you should water your bamboo at least once a week, equivalent to 1 inch (2.5 cm) of water. If you give your plants excess amount of water every day, your bamboo will become harmful or even dead.

In short, you should always keep the soil moist, but don’t overwater it as this can lead to root rot.

Final Verdict

That’s a wrap on the general watering bamboo tips. After reading this content, we do hope you’ve found out how to water your bamboo adequately. If you want beautiful, resilient bamboo with a long lifespan, note the information presented above and begin planting your bamboo right away!

Thank you for spending time reading our article, and wish you great luck growing your bamboo!

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