How To Roll Sushi With A Bamboo Mat – Guidance For New Cooks

Sushi has been famous in Japan and all around the world due to its unique taste and nutrients. Everyone can easily make this dish at home and change the ingredients based on their preference. Yet, the preparation process might not be as easy as you think, especially if this is your first time.

As a fellow cook, we understand your concern. Therefore, we have prepared this post to guide you on how to roll sushi with a bamboo mat successfully. Read on to start!

Why Should You Use A Bamboo Mat?

Many five-star restaurant chefs or sushi makers can wrap a sushi roll by using only their bare hands. However, this takes a massive amount of time and hard work to practice. So if you are new to this field, you probably should start with a bamboo mat to make your first sushi roll!

There are many bamboo mat kits for you to choose from with reasonable prices on the market. Besides, these tools are effortless for you to sanitize and it does not take a lot of your kitchen counter space.

After preparing yourself with the necessary tools, let’s start the process!

How To Roll Sushi With A Bamboo Mat?

Step 1. Begin

Lay your bamboo mat on a surface and put a food plastic wrap on top of the bamboo mat. The plastic layer will stop all the food from sticking into the slits of the bamboo mat. After that, put the rough side of the seaweed sheet on top.

Besides, do not forget to make one hundred percent sure that the rice is sticky so you can roll it easily!

Remember to lay a plastic sheet under the nori.
Remember to lay a plastic sheet under the nori.

Step 2. Spread All The Rice

After everything is set, you should spread all the rice evenly. Remember to make a thin layer to put other proper ingredients on top. One helpful tip is leaving a blank space at the bottom and the top of the seaweed sheet to prevent the sticky rice from spilling whenever you begin to roll.

Step 3. Input Your Personal Ingredients Choice

Before adding your favorite ingredient on top, please ensure that all the rice has been spread evenly! Next, you can choose anything you want to put in your sushi, as long as you line them up in one vertical area. Once you’ve done, place two thumbs under the bamboo mat and slightly lift its edge.

Put your favorite ingredient inside.
Put your favorite ingredient inside.

Step 4. Pull The Bottom Of The Bamboo Mat

In this step, curve the rest of your fingers and make a motion of rolling on the mat. You must keep a particular press on the sushi mat to keep the inside ingredients from falling apart.

Step 5. Roll The Sushi Gently And Firmly

From this step, your roll should form a shape like a log. Keep rolling till you reach the other side of the nori.

Step 6. Cut The Sushi

Finally, unroll the bamboo mat without peeling the plastic sheet. And there you have it! You make a fresh sushi roll! Now you can slice it just the way you want.

How To Roll Sushi With A Bamboo Mat - Guidance For New Cooks
How To Roll Sushi With A Bamboo Mat – Guidance For New Cooks

How To Roll Sushi Without A Bamboo Mat

To be able to move to this level, you have to put in a lot of effort and time on mastering rolling the sushi.

There are many ways to roll sushi without a bamboo mat; you can use a towel or simply a plastic wrap. Regardless of the method, you need to be mindful of your fingers’ force while rolling and pressing. The sushi roll would fall apart while slicing it to pieces if it wasn’t packed tightly.

Additionally, a small tip for you to get a perfect cut slice of sushi is to lightly dip the knife with water or soy sauce before starting cutting.

Rolling sushi without a bamboo mat
Rolling sushi without a bamboo mat

Final Thoughts

Sushi is a marvelous meal that you can make at home for a nutritious lunch or dinner. As a beginner cook, it would be much better to learn how to roll sushi with a bamboo mat properly before using other tools.

Last but not least, don’t forget to pay attention to all the important notes we’ve mentioned regarding rolling and cutting the sushi roll. We hope you will succeed with your first finished product!

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