Does Activated Bamboo Charcoal Kill Mold?

Mold is one of the most annoying problems in life, although many types of mold are beneficial, some are harmful to our health and houseware. Mold spores exist in the air so we need to find a way to remove them. Activated bamboo charcoal has a strong disinfecting and dust-filtering effect, so Does Activate Bamboo Charcoal Kill Mold?

How To Use Activated Bamboo Charcoal To Eliminate Moldy Odor?
How To Use Activated Bamboo Charcoal To Eliminate Moldy Odor?

What Causes Mold To Grow?

Mold is a class of strange organisms, they reproduce by spores that float or cling to objects, when conditions are favorable, it will grow, that condition is moisture. After the mold grows it will release its spores and the cycle will continue.

Can Mold Make You Sick?

As mentioned above, mold is very harmful to human health. It causes allergic problems, skin diseases, poisoning if ingested and especially respiratory problems.

Can Activated Bamboo Charcoal Kill Mold?

In fact, although activated bamboo charcoal is widely used to disinfect, purify the air or clean the skin, it cannot completely eliminate mold spores, it can only eliminate the odor of mold. However, if the smell of mold is eliminated, the air will become much more pleasant.

How To Use Activated Bamboo Charcoal To Eliminate Moldy Odor?

To eliminate the odor of mold with activated bamboo charcoal you need to have a container for it, we can use a box or bag, make sure it has holes for the activated bamboo charcoal to work properly, and of course, you must have activated bamboo charcoal, which you can buy or make at home. Replace it every 2 weeks or when you feel the smell of mold you can replace it immediately.

How To Use Activated Bamboo Charcoal To Eliminate Moldy Odor?
How To Use Activated Bamboo Charcoal To Eliminate Moldy Odor?

Why You Should Eliminate The Mold?

Activated bamboo charcoal can help us eliminate the smell of mold but cannot eliminate mold. As mentioned above, mold damages our household items and is very harmful to human health. Therefore, it is imperative to kill mold completely. we can kill it with vinegar or a mixture of soap and baking soda, green tea oil, grapefruit seed, etc.


In the kitchen of every family, there must be a jar of vinegar, it is used for cooking, pickling. Did you know it can also kill mold very effectively? It can kill up to 99 percent of bacteria 82 percent of mold and 80 percent of pathogens. We can put the vinegar in a humid place where there is a high risk of mold growth or you can spray it on the surface.

Clothes washing powder and baking soda

Baking soda has the same effect as vinegar, the implementation is the same, but it can also be used to remove mold on clothes. Mix baking soda with clothes washing powder for about 30 minutes, it will be very effective.

Green tea oil

Green tea oil is hardly as popular as vinegar. It has the ability to kill mold in large spaces and is more effective at killing mold than vinegar. Usage is to spray directly on the surface.

Grapefruit seed

Grapefruit is an interesting fruit, all the components of the fruit are useful. The flesh of the fruit is delicious, grapefruit peel oil is used for beauty and grapefruit seed oil is used to kill mold, the usage is similar to the use of green tea oil. The smell of grapefruit seed oil is pleasant much better than green tea oil.

Does Activated Bamboo Charcoal Kill Mold?
Does Activated Bamboo Charcoal Kill Mold?

Tips For Eliminating Mold Spore In The Air?

Mold spores are suspended in the air, to remove them you must use an air purifier. You should use a HEPA air purifier to be more effective. Mold grows by moisture, so the use of a dehumidifier is a good idea, keep the air humidity below 50 percent is recommended.

Using activated bamboo charcoal is suitable for:

Bamboo-activated carbon can be used in many other ways to kill or prevent mold growth in your home.

Using a room deodorizer with activated bamboo charcoal is one of the best ways to naturally deodorize closets, shoe cabinets, and home cabinets. That’s because charcoal literally sucks odors, toxins, and moisture from the air.

Using activated bamboo charcoal bags in the car will replace other industrial de-seasoning bags. Adding bags or pillows of activated carbon in your car will absorb moisture that can lead to mold growth.

And activated charcoal is one of the best fridge deodorizers to get rid of those nasty odors in your fridge.

Thusly, although activated bamboo charcoal does not have the effect of completely eliminating mold, it helps to remove the smell of mold, making the air easier to breathe. By using a combination of activated bamboo charcoal and other removal methods removing other molds will help protect your family from this danger.

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