Can Bamboo Floors Be Refinished And Sanded? An Adequate How-to Guide

Can bamboo floors be refinished? If your home is decorated with bamboo floors, we highly recommend you have them refinished as soon as possible once you find them worn. Refinishing bamboo floors every once in a while will refresh your house.

There is no need to alter your floors; you just have to refinish and sand, then your bamboo floor will recover its initial beauty. Click on this article to find out adequate guidance on how to refinish it effectively.

Can Bamboo Floors Be Refinished?
Can Bamboo Floors Be Refinished?

Can Bamboo Floors Be Refinished?

The answer is yes; you could refinish your bamboo flooring the same way you do with hardwood flooring. It is because the bamboo floor’s look and function are pretty similar to the wood flooring.

On top of that, there are different refinishing methods adapting to various types of bamboo flooring on the market currently.

The 6-step Guide On Refinishing Bamboo Floors

Not everyone thinks refinishing bamboo floors is necessary. However, it’s vital to do this step, notably for the worn and old parts of the floor in your home.

Step 1: Estimate Your Wear Layer

The first thing you need to do is to ensure the thickness of the wear layer is suitable. Otherwise, your floor won’t remain intact with an unsuitable wear layer.

To do this step, measure your wear layer with a ruler and check whether this layer is more than 2 mm (1/16 inch) thick or not, as this is the standard thickness for sanding.

Step 2: Protect Your Family And Yourself

For your family’s health, isolate the room that needs refinishing from the rest of your house.

Cover all the doors, turn off the central air system, and intake air vents with a plastic sheet in a day or two until your floors have been refinished entirely. You should wear a face mask and open windows to provide ventilation during the process.

Step 3: Sand The Surface With The Coarse Sandpaper

Do you prefer bamboo floors or wood floors?
Do you prefer bamboo floors or wood floors?

Eliminate all of the room’s baseboards. Then, sand your bamboo grain with 60-grit paper at a gentle angle (from 7-15 degrees).

With this approach, you can alleviate the possibility of generating splinters and knock down any wide-plank edges that have risen. Use the flooring edger and paper grit to sand your edges and tidy up your floor when you’re finished.

Step 4: Make Your Two Finish Passes

The passes aim to eliminate scratches and prepare the floor well for refinishing via these three steps:

  1. Alter the drum sander’s paper and edge to 80 grit for the second pass or 100 grit for the third one.
  2. Let the drum sander run straight along the grain.
  3. Observe the drum sander and sand the floor’s edges with an edger.

Step 5: Tidy Up And Check For Splinters

After each pass, vacuum your floor, then wipe it down with a tack cloth. Keep an eye out for splinters while wiping; any splintered areas can be sanded using a pad sander and 100-grit sandpaper. After tacking, allow your floor to dry naturally.

Step 6: Apply The Sealer And Two Finish Coats

This step is to create a flawless undercoat. A floor-finish applicator or a paint pad could be used to apply as a sealer’s coat. Apply two finish coats after sanding the sealer with a 120-grit sanding screen and a floor buffer. Sand the first coat with the pad before applying the second.

Bamboo could make your home more elegant.
Bamboo could make your home more elegant.

When You Should Not Refinish The Bamboo Flooring

There’s no need to spend much money on refinishing your entire bamboo floor if you just have a little area that needs refinishing.

First, take the floor buffer with the 120-grit sandpaper. You remember to rub over the worn area until you find it okay, then vacuum up all the chaos. Next, apply two-floor finish coats to maintain that area longer. Don’t worry; this process won’t leave any splinters.

How Much Does It Cost To Refinish Bamboo Floors?

The refinishing price of bamboo floors is equal to regular wooden floors. However, you could refinish the bamboo floor in various ways, such as staining and sanding. Hence, the price can vary a little bit.

In general, a complete refinish of the bamboo flooring would cost around $3 per foot if you have someone to do it for you. On the other hand, you could save your money by the DIY method, costing only $1-2 per foot.

You might as well contemplate which method is better. The DIY approach can economize but is time-consuming. Meanwhile, getting things done by professionals will cost you more, yet it is securer, safer and faster.


So, can bamboo floors be refinished? The answer is Yes. The bamboo floor resembles the wooden flooring, yet bamboo materials are even better if you know how to remain their beauty intact. The most popular method is refinishing and sanding the floor.

On the flip hand, be cautious with the toxic chemicals when refinishing and sanding—preventing their impacts from harming you and your family as well.

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