Quick Guide To Bamboo Products: Benefits Of Bamboo For Hair

Bamboo or Bambusa vulgaris is a woody grass plant with approximately 1200 species growing worldwide. Before we discover the tremendous benefits of bamboo for hair and learn to apply it, bamboo is mainly used in construction materials, furniture, or fabric.

If you have heard about its benefits but are still looking for detailed information, you’ve come to the right site! Read on for insights about this new natural hair care product.

Listing Out The Top 5 Benefits Of Bamboo For Hair

Here is the list of five key benefits of bamboo for your hair and types of bamboo hair products.

1. Detoxification And Cleansing

The first benefit of bamboo for hair is detoxification. More specifically, bamboo silica can penetrate deeply into buildups of dead skin cells and pollutants in your scalp and wash them all away.

Your scalp can then get rid of the toxins and absorb nutrients better. Eventually, you will get back shiny and strong hair.

2. Stimulating Hair Growth

Silica is essential for hair as it encourages hair growth.  Lacking silica can lead to many hair problems, such as hair loss or hair breakage. However, silica will diminish over time without proper care.

Hair products with bamboo extracts can improve the hair problems above, as it contains up to 70% of silica. Hence, your hair will grow thick and healthily with the help of bamboo products.

After using bamboo extracts, you can get back the strong, healthy hair.
After using bamboo extracts, you can get back the strong, healthy hair.

3. Antioxidants For Dry Scalp

Unlike other products for hair on the market, the antioxidants in bamboo can add necessary nutrients (vitamins or minerals) to your scalp. So, the bamboo products refresh and detoxify your scalp without causing any dryness.

The cleansing process is also gentle and safe, which makes the products well-suited for sensitive skin. To boost the result, you can use both bamboo shampoos and bamboo conditioners.

4. Make Hair Shiny And Soft

Most of us like to beautify hair with hair styling and hair coloring. But unfortunately, perming hair, over-exposure to heated tools, or using hair dye will damage and weaken your hair.

Still, you will see a big difference with the regular use of bamboo hair products. Bamboo itself has the ability to self-generate nutrients and minerals to grow quickly and firmly. People estimate that it can grow as fast as 10 cm a day.

Make Hair Shiny And Soft
Make Hair Shiny And Soft

With the self-generating sources of mineral features, the bamboo ingredient can restore your damaged hair, making it shiny and soft as before.

5. Retaining Moisture

Scientific researches show that bamboo can aid glycosamilogy synthesis or moisture retention. Thus, this locking moisture mechanism can protect hair from breakage and reduce frizz.

6. Hair Products With Bamboo Extracts

6.1. Bamboo Silica Supplements

Silica supplements are a great solution to hair deficiency. Each bamboo silica supplement contains up to 70% of organic silica, potent for solving hair problems.

Also, bamboo extract from these supplements contains biotin and vitamin B, enhancing hair growth and reducing hair deficiency.

6.2. Bamboo Hair Treatments

In addition to a significant amount of bamboo silica, bamboo hair treatments also provide beneficial nutrients such as Vitamin E, Vitamin C, and Vitamin F.

The product can work for different types of hair as a nourishing and detangling solution. As a result, you can minimize hair brittleness and dullness with frequent usage.

6.3. Bamboo Tea Leaf

For those who love hot drinks, bamboo tea leaves are such a great idea. It not only satisfies your taste but also benefits your hair, your skin, and your nails.

Drinking bamboo tea leaves will benefit your health, skin, and hair.
Drinking bamboo tea leaves will benefit your health, skin, and hair.

Look upon the Internet for some tips and detailed guides to have a perfect mild-sweet bamboo teacup. Typically, you must use water at 96 degrees Celsius and steep the tea bag from 4 mins to 10 mins, depending on the tea bag’s size.

6.4. Bamboo Shampoo

Even though bamboo is a super beneficial ingredient for hair, it is hard to control and ensure the quality of all bamboo hair care products on the market nowadays.

It will help if you avoid a shampoo bottle with ingredients of sulfates, phthalates, and artificial coloring. These chemicals do nothing but damage your hair! Instead, you should try using bamboo shampoo.

Here is one thing you should keep in mind: please be patient when using bamboo shampoo, as it may take weeks to see the differences and improvement. However, it is definitely worth your effort.

Also, some of you may ask whether bamboo shampoo can work for bald spots. There will not be a yes or no absolutely, as it depends on the cause of the baldness.

Suppose baldness is some genetic inheritance or other incurable condition. Then, you surely can not reap the best result with a bamboo shampoo bottle.

6.5. Bamboo Hair Powder

One of the highly recommended ways to absorb essential nutrients for hair is to use bamboo powder.

For easy absorption, take it daily with some drinks. You can use bamboo powder with smoothies, meals, shakes, or any other delight you like.


In conclusion, the benefits of bamboo for hair are undeniable. Bamboo is a beautiful gift from nature to nourish healthy hair from the inside.

Yet, if your hair problems stem from incurable conditions such as stress, imbalanced diets, or serious diseases, bamboo hair products may have minor effects. In this case, consult experts for better treatments!

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