Bamboo Sheets Vs Egyptian Cotton Sheets – Our Pick Of The Top Bedding Sheets

When it comes to bed sheets, bamboo and Egyptian cotton sheets are two of the top choices for you. While the Egyptian cotton sheet has been no longer unfamiliar to many users for decades, the appearance of the bamboo one makes a new trend for the bedding market.

Yet, which is the most suitable for your bed? Dig in our post to figure out the best one between bamboo sheets vs Egyptian cotton sheets!

What Are Bamboo Sheets?

The answer lies in its all-natural ingredients! Like its name indicates, bamboo sheets are totally made from the fibers of the bamboo plant. Well, how do manufacturers turn these bamboo fibers into bedsheets? They ordinarily spin these bamboo fibers into hundreds of threads and then weave them into ultra-soft bed sheets.

Since the bamboo plant grows sustainably and strongly, the durability of the sheets made from this organic material is not inferior to any competitors. Thus, that’s why many families opt for bamboo-made bed sheets.

What Are Bamboo Sheets
What Are Bamboo Sheets

What Are Egyptian Cotton Sheets?

Unlike bamboo, these cotton trees grow in the warm climate areas of Egypt, which results in high-quality yarns. Normally, the thread counts of bamboo sheets only range from 250 to 350, but the Egyptian cotton ones are twice as much.

With these small and thin yarns, the Egyptians can create a thousand soft and durable cotton sheets.

Egyptian cotton bed linen is often more expensive due to its silky appearance. Yet, many people are willing to spend dollars to own this luxurious cotton sheet.

Egyptian Cotton Sheet
Egyptian Cotton Sheet

The Comparison: Bamboo Vs Egyptian Cotton Sheets

Now, let’s find out the winner in this battle regarding their aspects such as durability, feel, environmental impact, price, and health impact.


Neither the bamboo nor the cotton fabric has a short lifespan, as you can use them up for more than 15 years!

Still, if we must pick the best one between them, the answer is bamboo sheets. Thanks to its long fabric texture, it is hard to catch pilling or tearing issues. Furthermore, bamboo is well-known for its absorbency, which can attract every sweat and oil without leaving any stains and dulls after long-time usage.

Although cotton has the same textile, it does not obtain high sweat absorption capacity like the other one. The discoloration will gradually occur, leading to unsanitary conditions and poor aesthetics over time. Hence, many consumers replace their cotton sheets more often than those using bamboo ones.

Note: the lifespan of each bedding sheet also depends on the way we use and treat them. Make sure that you don’t soak them with strong detergents and follow washing instructions!

Bamboo bedding set
Bamboo bedding set


There is no doubt that both materials give an extremely soft feeling, but do they bring the same softness and breathability? – The answer is probably yes.

Regarding bamboo sheets, it is a savior for those who often get overheated when sleeping, thanks to its extracting moisture capacity. Specifically, the bamboo sheet can also help adjust and balance the temperature between your body and the outside environment to keep you cool while sleeping.

Similar to bamboo sheets, the cotton one offers a higher silky smooth with a luxurious look. Indeed, the longer you use the Egyptian sheet, the softer it becomes! This is also another reason why cotton bed linen is still an ideal sheet until now.

In short, depending on your preference and feeling, you can pick the one that provides the most comfortable experience.

Health Impact

How about health impact? – Which one is better?

In detail, bamboo sheets are more beneficial for your health since they are made from 100% natural material. The ability of moisture-wicking helps to minimize the bacterial generative process. For these reasons, consumers do not get irritated with bamboo products, even people with extra-sensitive skin!

Meanwhile, Egyptian cotton sheets normally negatively impact your health in the long term due to the pesticides and other chemicals during the growth and production process.

If you have faced an itchy skin issue for a long time, the cause might come from your bedding sheet material. Let’s consider changing to a friendly-user bamboo sheet for yourself and your family!

Natural Cotton
Natural Cotton

Environmental Impact

In this section, let’s evaluate the impact of two materials on our environment.

Planting a cotton tree takes more effort and the amount of poisonous substances than planting bamboo. Believe it or not, some kinds of bamboo can grow up to 4 feet per day and do not need irrigation or chemical fertilizers supply!

On the other hand, for a mature cotton tree to produce cotton bolls, it needs to absorb lots of pesticide and water during the growth time. These toxic chemicals can cause pollution in water sources and negatively impact human health. For this reason, many eco-conscious buyers turn their back on these cotton sheets!


Although Egyptian cotton and bamboo bed linens both derive from natural sources, there is a big gap between their prices. Particularly, a king-size Egyptian sheet price can reach over half one grand, while a bamboo sheet might be cheaper, only ranging from one-tenth or half of how much its opponent cost.

Little note: Currently, many producers illegally combine different materials with real Egyptian cotton for more profits. This reason leads to a big concern about the quality of Egyptian cotton bed linen.

Egyptian cotton bed linen costs greatly higher than bamboo bed linen.
Egyptian cotton bed linen costs greatly higher than bamboo bed linen.

Bottom Lines

If you’ve read this far, you must have the answer for the winner between bamboo sheets vs Egyptian cotton sheets. Regardless of either price or health impact, bamboo sheets seem to win a vantage position when put side by side with Egyptian cotton sheets!

The choice is up to you, as Egyptian cotton sheets are a good option for anyone pursuing a classy and “pricey” look! Thanks for reading, and see you in our next post.

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